Full Featured Voice Broadcasting
and Ringless Voicemail Drop Platform

  www.DialerCentral.com offers a truly state-of-the-art system. What sets our Voice Broadcasting Platform apart from other companies is our comprehensive call delivery and management system for voice broadcasting and ringless voice mail drop. Below is a comprehensive list of all the features and proprietary innovations we employ across our network, most of which cannot be found anywhere else.  


Voice Broadcasting and Ringless Voice Mail

  •   Full Foot Print - DialerCentral.com does not block routes, you can dial the entire US and Canada, including high toll routes.
  •   Wholesale Billing - 6 second increments from the time the phone is answered NO Connect Charges when a call is not picked up.
  •   "Instant Transfer" when your call recipient presses ONE. (Transfers in under one second compared to several seconds using conventional connection methods.)  Available when using www.800Link.com virtual phone service.  An added bonus limits "Transfer Hang-ups" due to non-connected calls.  Transfer hang-ups are a leading cause of lost prospects, often running as high as 30% loss of transferred calls.
  •   Ability to dial specific timeframes, regardless of time zone.  You may automatically call between specific hours within each time zone from one uploaded list.
  •   Ability To Set Ring Time - Set ring time in seconds before disconnecting. Allows you to save considerable dialing costs when doing Live Answer only campaigns.
  •   Time Zone Dialing Protection - All calling automatically pauses from 9:00 p.m. 9:00 a.m. within the time zone that your numbers are located in.
  •   State Specific DNC Manager - Manually select individual States to treat as Do-Not-Call
  •   Ringless Voice Mail Drop Self Serve Portal - Manage your entire campaign online
  •   Ringless Voicemail Drops - Only Pay for Successful Drops. Dialer Central only charges for successful drops.  No charge for attempted / failed delivery.
  • Call Everywhere - Ability to call Alaska, Hawaii, Mariana Islands, American Pacific, Puerto Rico, Caribbean and the entire lower 48
  • Turn your campaign ON or OFF in real-time
  • Change your scheduled broadcast hours for automatic starting and stopping
  • Change the "Caller-ID" displayed on the outgoing calls
  • Full Controls - Set your dialing speed, schedule your event and easily rehash non answers and dial them again within each campaign. This is our Number of Passes feature. 
  • Change the maximum number of simultaneous calls allowed to your office.  Dialing will stop until you have lines / agent available.  Campaign resumes as lines / agents become available.
  • Detailed Reporting - 10 reports and real time reporting to track performance
  • Positive Answering Machine Detection - Enhanced AMD detection to either disconnect on or leave voicemail messages.
  • Change your "Transfer Calls To" phone number(s)
  • List Cleansing Tool - Automatic duplicate, invalid and malformed number removal
  • Branching Surveys/Polling Option - Conduct in-depth, multi-level branching surveys
  • Playback recordings of your transferred calls for quality control and training
  • Add numbers to, and manage your company specific Do-Not-Call list
  • Do-Not-Call Maintenance utilizing our Company-Wide database primarily composed 
    of individuals who we have identified as particularly irate, hostile, litigious, or just 
    plain rude. 
  • Provide National Do-Not-Call List Cleaning when uploading your lists / numbers
  • Cell Phone Scrubbing - TCPA, FCC & DNC compliant cell phone scrubbing
  • Run real-time reports showing a detailed analysis of your calling results
  • Download your call records showing the details of each and every call placed
  • Upload a recording to use, record a new message, or change delivery options
  • Smart Throttling - Keeps your agents talking and reduces your chances of overflowing transfers
  • Max Agent Transfers - Auto stops when all agents are busy
  • Ringless Voice Mail Massive Capacity - Over 50,000 ports, largest infrastructure in the US
  • Ringless Voice Mail Full Reporting - Run stats that show which drops were successful
  • Easy Rehash Ringless Voice Mail - Easily rehash any unavailable numbers to re-dial
  • NO LONG TERM commitments
  • NO Setup fee
  • NO Monthly recurring fees


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