Smart Call / Frequent Flyer Program

Many businesses have customer loyalty / frequent flyer programs. This is our version of such a program. There are no "gotch ya's" like auto ship programs, annoying punch cards to keep track of, downloading free apps on your phone that track you, mail in rebates, buying ten or more to get one free, pre-paying to get a discount in the future that you may misplace or never use, buying one to get 50% off the second appearing to be 50% off everything when it's not, and over 44,000 more listed on google.

Our customer loyalty program is very simple.

Your cost per minute is upgraded *two levels to a lower cost per minute rate on your first dialer or ringless voice mail order of $300 or more and every subsequent order that you place so long as you order at least once every 30 days. (NOT an auto ship program) Below are the the guidelines, a.k.a the rules.


Subsequent orders will receive the improved Smart Call rate at the dollar amount ordered, as long as the order is within 30 days. Otherwise your rate will be at the Non-Smart Call rate when the order is beyond 30 days. Example: Original order of $800 on March 1st will receive the Smart Call rate of 1.5 cents. A subsequent order of $500 on March 29th would receive the Smart Call rate of 1.8 cents. If the re-order was past 30 days, the rate would be 2.0 cents for the same $500 purchase.

  • Your first order of $300 or more will be upgraded to a lower per minute rate by two steps.
  • Orders placed within 30 days of previous orders will be upgraded in rate by two steps. Example: If you purchased 25,000 Minutes for $500 at 2.0 cents per minute, your per minute cost is upgraded two levels lower in cost to 1.8 cents per minute. This results in 2,777 free minutes. (Total minutes 27,777)
  • If you have funds remaining in your account when reordering, your per minute rate for the new minutes and remaining funds in your account will be set to the applicable per minute rate of your reorder.

Here's An Explanation With Samples

The Smart Call upgrade program lowers your cost per minute by two levels lower. Example: If you purchased $600 at 1.9 cents per minute without the customer loyalty upgrade you would be able to dial 31,500 Minutes of calls. With the upgrade, you would be paying 1.7 cents per minutes resulting in 35,294 minutes. An increase of 3,794 free minutes.

The Best Value is when you purchase at the $800 level with an upgrade to 1.5 cents per minute, gaining 6,333 free minutes.

  • $100 = 4,100 (2.4 cents per)

  • $200 = 8,700 (2.3 cents per)

  • $300 = 13,600 (2.2 cents per)

    Upgrading from this level
  • $400 = 19,000 (2.1 cents per)

  • $500 = 25,000 (2.0 cents per)

    To this level results in 1,400 free minutes OR < Upgrading from this level
  • $600 = 31,500 (1.9 cents per)

    Upgrading from this level
  • $700 = 38,800 (1.8 cents per)

    To this level results in 2,777 free minutes
  • $800 = 47,000 (1.7 cents per)

    To this level results in 3,794 free minutes OR < Upgrading from this level
  • $900 = 56,250 (1.6 cents per)

    Upgrading from this level
  • $1000 = 66,600 (1.5 cents per)

    To this level results in 6,333 free minutes (Best Value)
  • (1.5 cents per)

    To this level results in 3,750 free minutes

Orders must be $300 or more to receive the Smart Call rates. Accumulative rate consideration is not applicable on orders that are below the $300 Smart Call purchase level.